Challenge, Enjoyment, and Opportunity ("CEO") !†

At First American International Bank (FAIB), we are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our family.† We are customer driven and we strive to provide excellent service and help build a better community.† As a community bank with branches and loan offices throughout New York Cityís Chinese/Asian-American communities, we cater to the special banking needs of all local residents.

Finding the right career is not easy; neither is finding the right company to work for.† Whether you are at the beginning stages of your career or looking to enhance your career growth in financial services, we have opportunities for you at FAIB.

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Career Opportunity

We currently have the following job opportunities available:

Business Analyst

Job Location:† Brooklyn, NY

General Summary

Responsible for ensuring business unit receives the required and appropriate type of information and technology assistance in support of the unitís business goal and objectives.† Assist users in resolving problems through diagnoses and discussion of the particular problem.† Take the necessary steps to recognize research, isolate and resolve the problem.† Assist with ongoing system requirements, definition and solution specification, user testing, and procedures of an automated loan origination and secondary marketing system.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Understand the abilities, features and capabilities of the appropriate banking applications that impact the assigned business unit operations

·†††††††† Help determine requirements for new or modified software and hardware.

·†††††††† Provide business and technical solutions to end-users by marshalling the required Information Systems department resources needed to affect the solutions.

·†††††††† Work with the Information Technology department to prioritize requested business unit information solutions to ensure resources are applied to the highest priority activities.

·†††††††† Develop end-user solutions that do not require the technical expertise of a developer through the use of high-level tools such as spreadsheets, databases, report-writing software and better or innovative use of existing software.

·†††††††† Assist with analysis of new technological advancements and productivity enhancement tools.

·†††††††† Assist employees in solving routine software, hardware and procedure problems.

·†††††††† Assist with testing of new enhancements and system releases.

·†††††††† Perform basic security of administrative functions as required.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† As assigned.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Bachelorís degree in business or related field of study; masterís degree preferred.

·†††††††† Two to four years of experience in banking operations.

·†††††††† Willingness to conduct required training and end-user support functions.

·†††††††† Ability to write and communicate adequately and coherently in a business environment.

·†††††††† Ability to analyze and resolve problems.

·†††††††† Familiarity with the workings of bank-approved programs connected to the area of business assigned.

·†††††††† Experience with Fiserv a plus.

IT Systems Manager

Job Location:† Brooklyn, NY

General Summary

Responsible for administering and coordinating the financial institutionís information services activities.† Responsible for all systems analysis, applications and operating systems programming, and companyís security measures.† Plan future hardware and software requirements for the financial institution including administration of telephone network systems.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Responsible for ensuring all technology services duties are performed in compliance with internal procedures.

·†††††††† Work closely with all department heads in determining priorities to ensure that processing and reporting needs are met and carried out on a proper and timely basis.

·†††††††† Ensure the proper use and maintenance of all magnetic media to ensure security and proper control is maintained in compliance with internal procedures.

·†††††††† Responsible for the Online Banking Systems to ensure security and compliance with all federal and state laws.

·†††††††† Ensure server & data lines are operating at all times.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† Responsible for maintaining inventory of all Bank software/hardware.

·†††††††† Research, recommend, acquire and install standard industry PC solutions.

·†††††††† Advise senior management of emerging technologies applicable to the Bank.

·†††††††† Responsible for preparation of a variety of computer programs or development of reports for execution of all financial institution operations.

·†††††††† Update and perform annual Disaster Recovery Plan.

·†††††††† Review and analyze vendor contracts.

·†††††††† Provide information on technology to the Boardís annual Strategic Meeting.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Knowledge of both programming and operations functions.

·†††††††† Knowledge of financial institution business, operations and disaster recovery in order to develop and maintain electronic data processing systems.

·†††††††† Skill in coordinating systems and programming functions with department heads to develop and implement new systems and to revise existing systems.

·†††††††† Bachelorís degree with emphasis on computer information system


·†††††††† Ability to speak Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin) strongly preferred.

IT Associate

Job Location:† Brooklyn, NY

General Summary

IT Associate is a key resource to provide general computer, network, and data support, perform systems analysis, applications programming and/or operating systems programming, and is responsible for continued and optimal operations of the technology operations.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Provide day-to-day computer, desktop and network system support to end users and solve complex PC technology problems.

·†††††††† Provide custom MIS development and/or application development support to management and the Board including database development and management reporting (e.g. VBA).

·†††††††† Provide end-user and administration support for core banking applications.

·†††††††† Work with management and interface with third party vendors (e.g. Core platform, Network) to ensure technology enables continued and optimal functioning of business operations.

·†††††††† Maintain software, hardware and other equipment through routine preventive maintenance, and correct operational issues.

·†††††††† Procure, track, and maintain inventory of technology software and hardware assets.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† Assist Internet Banking Associate with technical administration of Online Banking Systems and ensure system operates in compliance with all federal and state regulatory laws.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Associate degree or higher with emphasis on Computer Science or related technical field.

·†††††††† Experience at community bank or with retail banking environment preferred.

·†††††††† Strong analytical, troubleshooting and interpersonal communication skills.

·†††††††† Strong fundamental understanding desktop support and LAN network technology.

·†††††††† Experience installing and maintaining hardware, peripherals, and software.


·†††††††† Ability to speak Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin) strongly preferred.

Loan Quality Control and Mortgage Compliance Manager

Job Location:† Brooklyn, NY

General Summary

Responsible for monitoring and working with production managers to enhance the quality of residential mortgage originations and servicing operations.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Schedule and oversee pre-funding, post-funding and mortgage compliance reviews.

·†††††††† Prepare reports detailing findings from prefunding and post-funding reviews.

·†††††††† Alert appropriate production managers to ensure corrective actions are taken and implemented within specified timeframes.

·†††††††† Oversee and manage the outsourced QC vendor relationship and quality of work deliverables.

·†††††††† Continually assess and test production operations to improve operations and comply with regulatory and investor requirements; provide recommendations to lending management.

·†††††††† Keep abreast of investor and regulatory changes and ensure awareness by production operations.

·†††††††† Investigate potential fraud reports for the lending area and file Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) with BSA Department for further follow up.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† Perform special projects as required.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Three to five years of residential mortgage lending experience; exposure to all aspects of origination, servicing secondary marketing and mortgage compliance areas preferred.

·†††††††† Familiarity with internal audit policy and procedures.

·†††††††† Certification in Regulatory Compliance (e.g. CRCM) preferred.

·†††††††† Bachelorís degree in finance, economics or equivalent experience.

Loan Risk Reviewer

Job Location:† Brooklyn, New York

General Summary

Assist the Chief Credit Officer and the Risk Management Head with monitoring and managing credit risk within the Bankís lending activities. Provides an objective review and assessment of loans in order to identify potential problems and ensure compliance with established loan policies and federal regulations.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Perform regular loan portfolio reviews based on risk and/or size of all credit types (commercial, business, consumer, residential, and participations, etc.).

·†††††††† Maintain a Criticized/Classified loan listing encompassing all loans that are rated less than ďPassĒ by internal risk management department, regulators, and third party loan review consultants.

·†††††††† Prepare associated reports analyzing qualitative/quantitative factors and determining loan impairment and troubled debt restructuring (TDR).

·†††††††† Generate Board and departmental reports on the loan portfolio, taking into account loan asset summary, loan concentrations, loans to one borrower, loan maturities, extensions and modifications.

·†††††††† Perform analysis required to determine Allowance for Loan & Lease Loss (ALLL) reserve to ensure it is accurate and reflective of the loan portfolio.

·†††††††† Ensure that acceptable credit standards are maintained (confirms lien perfection, repayment capacity, collateral, etc.).

·†††††††† Ensure that loans conform to established bank lending policies and procedures and that required documents have been obtained and are thorough, accurate and up-to-date.

·†††††††† Ensure the creditworthiness of the loan portfolio, looking for changes that merit a review of lending practices and/or adverse asset classification. Identify problem loans, describes deficiencies and provide recommendations to cure.

·†††††††† Review files for mortgages, deeds of trust, UCC filings, perfection on liens, notes, collateral security agreements, appraisals, collateral evaluations and valuations, etc.

·†††††††† Perform regular review of financials and related analysis (financial statements, tax returns, rent rolls, income & expense statement, personal financial statements, cash flow statements, etc.).

·†††††††† Prepare an executive summary of each review, supporting analysis, and develop loan disposition and exit strategy.

·†††††††† Validate the accuracy of the credit grading / loan risk rating system. Recommend and provide detailed reasons/rationale for assigning differing and/or adverse risk ratings.

·†††††††† Identify and evaluate portfolio trends with respect to delinquency, bankruptcy, value forecasting, demographic, geographic, economic, inflation, customer concentration and other factors.

·†††††††† Stress test the loan portfolio or individual loans for risk monitoring.

·†††††††† Review bank processes (loan approvals, policy exception reporting, supervisory loan to value limits, underwriting, covenants, internal controls, concentration reporting, ALLL methodology, etc.).

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† Provide assistance and consultation to loan officers, other lending personnel (Loan Administration, Servicing, Workout, Accounting/Audit, Lending Assistants, etc.), public auditors and regulatory examiners.

·†††††††† Perform additional job related duties as assigned or required.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Strong analytical, technical and statistical skills.

·†††††††† Sound working knowledge of accounting principles (GAAP) and financial statements.

·†††††††† Effectively report and communicate review findings, orally and written.

·†††††††† CRE and C&I credit, lending, structuring, underwriting, and/or risk management experience preferred.

·†††††††† Familiarity with ALLL methodology and reserve preparation a plus; determination of TDR a plus.

·†††††††† Strong integrity in all areas, adhering to policies, regulations and utmost ethical and legal standards.

·†††††††† Demonstrate ability to prioritize, handle multiple projects, and work well under pressure/deadlines.

·†††††††† Interact, collaborate and communicate effectively with personnel at all levels of the organization.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Job Location:† New York, NY

General Summary

Enhance executive's effectiveness by providing management support; represent the executive to others.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Assist in preparation of presentation materials both in written and electronic formats.

·†††††††† Conserve executive's time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating telecommunications.

·†††††††† Maintain executive's appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.

·†††††††† Welcome guests by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or directing inquiries.

·†††††††† Liaise between executive, senior management, and board of directors.

·†††††††† Maintain and protect operations by keeping information confidential.

·†††††††† Complete projects as assigned; follow up on results.

·†††††††† Prepare reports by collecting and analyzing information.

·†††††††† Develop and utilize filing and retrieval systems.

·†††††††† Maintain office supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; evaluating new office products; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies.

·†††††††† Ensure operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer's instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories; evaluating new equipment and techniques.

·†††††††† Contribute to team effort by achieving related results as needed.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† Various other duties as assigned by executive.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† High school diploma with minimum one year of administrative/secretarial experience.

·†††††††† Ability to be on call and/or work overtime as needed to perform all job functions.

·†††††††† Advanced written and verbal communication skills.† Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

·†††††††† Good decision-making ability, judgment and analytical skills.† Ability to identify problems and evaluate resolutions for a positive outcome.

·†††††††† Discretion and confidentiality are crucial.

·†††††††† Strong multi-tasking and time management skills.


·†††††††† Ability to speak Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin) is a plus.

Residential Loan Officer

Job Location:† Queens, NY and New York/Brooklyn, NY

General Summary

Proactively solicits and manages new residential loan business and maintains customer relationships.† Responds to customer inquiries and ensures customers are informed of all mortgage products offered by FAIB.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·†††††††† Develop customer and business partner banking relationship through marketing, cold-calling, prospecting and networking activities.

·†††††††† Review and analyze credit and financial data.

·†††††††† Counsel, advise and educate prospects/customers about the Bankís products and credit guidelines and explain related disclosure to applicants.

·†††††††† Submit complete and accurate loan applications and documentation, including required disclosures, to loan processor in a timely manner.

·†††††††† Manage customer relationships and customer expectations during and after the loan origination process.

·†††††††† Act as primary relationship manager between the applicant and FAIB personnel, including branch staff.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities / Projects

·†††††††† As assigned.

Job Qualifications

·†††††††† Bachelorís degree in business or finance.

·†††††††† Two to five years of experience Residential lending operations, origination preferred.

·†††††††† Familiarity with automated underwriting or loan origination systems; Calyx and Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter preferred.

·†††††††† Demonstrated understanding of mortgage processing, underwriting and closing procedures.

·†††††††† Knowledge of Federal Regulations governing Real Estate Lending.

·†††††††† Comply with all Federal and State compliance laws and regulations.

·†††††††† Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.


·†††††††† Ability to speak Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin) strongly preferred.


We are an EOE, M/F/D/V and any other classification protected by law.