Learn More about Business Online Banking


Enjoy Access to Your Accounts Anywhere Anytime

  • Inquire balances of your accounts in real time
  • View Images of your paid checks for up to 90 days of your account’s history
  • Transfer funds between your linked accounts
  • Receive e-mail alert on account activity
  • Download account transactions in MS Money or Quicken format


Online Bill Payment Service

  • Manage your bills easily and securely in anywhere
  • Receive view and pay bills all in one location
  • Use checking account to pay your bills
  • Set up to receive and pay electronic bills
  • Setup email alerts for electronic bill arrivals, due dates, upcoming payments and payments made
  • Schedule automatic payment rules for each payee with electronic bills


Online Cash Management

  • Multiple users’ enrollment methods
  • Multiple levels of security allow more than one person limited access to the Cash Management program
  • One screen shows all accounts
  • Seamless integration with Bill Payment program
  • Time and money savings, end users save trips to the branch
  • End users can monitor their business account any time anywhere


Enhanced Login Security


It offers additional security feature to protect you from online fraud and identity theft. This new feature will authorize you not only by password but also your computer. If the system can not recognize your computer, challenge questions will be asked as an additional protection. Also, picture and caption will be displayed after you have logged into internet banking system. This will help prevention of phishing scam.





Enrollment is easy. Simply complete and sign the “Online Banking Sign Up Form” at the time of account opening or at any First American International Bank branches. After signing the “Online Banking Sign Up Form”, click on "Sign Up" in the Online Banking section at http://www.faib.com/ and complete the Online Enrollment Form.
We understand the importance of protecting and verifying your identity. Therefore, having you complete and sign the “Online Banking Sign Up Form” at the branch before completing the Online Enrollment Form for Online Banking helps to protect you in case of any identity theft issues when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge.



Online Banking FAQs