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Don’t Get Locked into Standard CD Rates,

Earn More Interest If CD Rates Go Up!

Benefit From Positive Market Change

If FAIB CD rates go up before maturation, you have a one-time opportunity to switch to a higher APY.

Competitive Rates Now & Later

If interest rates go down—rest assured you’re getting a competitive APY; if interest rates rise, and FAIB CD APYs go up, you can upgrade your APY.

Two OPTIONS When You Increase Your APY

Option Rate Certificates of Deposit two options

Check To See If CD Rates Have Gone Up

For Option Rate CD customers, if FAIB same-term CD rates go up, you have the one-time option to upgrade your APY anytime before maturity.

Click Here To Check FAIB CD Rates

Option Rate CDs are a Smarter Way To Buy CDs

Option Rate CDs mean you won’t miss out on positive market changes, and you’ll get the best of both worlds with competitive rates now and later. Option Rate CDs are for the strategically minded investor—with an eye on the market—who wants to maximize their returns.

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The Option Rate Certificate of Deposit (CD) allows for a one-time Annual Percentage Yield (APY) adjustment during initial term. CD customer has option to adjust if FAIB published APY for same term CDs increases to higher rate; to obtain a higher APY, CD customer must do at least one of the following: (1) keep current terms OR (2) extend maturity period and add funds (if desired); all APY adjustments must be made in person at FAIB branch before maturity date. After customer has used one-time APY adjustment, the Options Rate CD is then converted back to a standard same-term CD with no additional APY adjustments available before maturity. Early withdrawals subject to penalty/charges on interest and principal. APYs as of 08/08/2018. No minimum opening balance. Offer may be withdrawn without prior notice.